Frequently Asked

About Our Practice

1. Shouldn’t I see a urologist for men’s health concerns?

Urologists are first and foremost surgeons and you will be referred to one if surgery is warranted. Because they are surgeons, they spend a great deal of time in the operating room or rounding in the hospital and many have delegated non-surgical patient consultations to ancillary providers like nurse practitioners. You might find yourself waiting several weeks just to get an appointment only to discover you are being seen by an assistant who could very well be a female! There isn’t anything wrong with female providers, but if you weren’t expecting it, the interview and exam might be a bit awkward.

At Trinity Men’s Health & Occupational Medicine, you will be seen by Dr. Friend, a board-certified physician with over 20 years of experience attending to men’s unique health needs. Because we are a new practice, same day appointments are likely to be available. We can even arrange after hours or weekend appointments, if necessary, to meet your needs.

Yes! The practice is also an Occupational Medicine clinic and we attend to anyone who needs medical certification for their occupation, like commercial truck drivers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, etc.

It’s up to you! Many men avoid preventive / periodic checkups out of fear or anxiety surrounding these types of exams. Let’s face it. It can be kind of embarrassing. Though these physical examinations are important for assessment of many men’s health issues, or are required for specific occupational medical certifications, if you aren’t having any symptoms and prefer to defer these exams, you can! At Trinity Men’s Health & Occupational Medicine, we strive to empower our patients to make educated decisions about their health and become active participants in their medical care.

A lot of men’s health clinics only focus on one thing — either testosterone or erectile dysfunction -- and do not take the whole person into consideration. Men are much more complicated than just their testosterone levels or frequency of erections. Some clinics are clearly trying to sell you the fountain of youth, particularly with testosterone replacement. While there are many benefits that can be seen with testosterone replacement, there are a few potential side effects, and you should be well informed about them before you decide to initiate treatment. At Trinity Men’s Health, the risks and benefits of any treatment regimens will be clearly explained. You will be carefully monitored by Dr. Friend and any potential side effects will be quickly addressed.

Please review our New Patient Forms and Policies sections. If able, download and fill out the Medical History Form prior to your appointment or review it and be prepared to fill it out in our office. Please come 15-20 minutes early if you intend to fill out the forms in our office. We recognize it's a lot of info, but the more comprehensive it is, the better we can attend to your medical needs. If you don't feel comfortable answering a question, just skip it. If you're coming in for a physical (occupational) exam and wear contact lenses, please bring supplies to take them out for your vision tests. Alternatively, wear your glasses for the exam. If labs or x-rays are required, you will be referred to a local lab such as Quest or Labcorp. If you are using insurance benefits for lab work, please know which lab you will need to use ahead of time. Additionally, indicate to which pharmacy you would like prescriptions sent.