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DOT Commercial Driver

Download the DOT Medical Exam form, thoroughly review, and fill out any applicant/medical history information prior to your appointment or bring the form(s) given to you by your employer/agency. If necessary, you may fill out the forms in our office. Just plan to come 15-20 minutes early to do so.

DOT Commerical Driver Exam Form


Download DFS-K4-1022 unless your school or fire department uses a different form. We follow NFPA 1582 guidelines. Please review and fill out any applicant information and medical history prior to your appointment.


Law Enforcement Officer

Download CJSTC 75 and CJSTC 75A or bring the forms given to you by your school, employer or agency. Please review and fill out any applicant information and medical history prior to your appointment. We can also perform health exams required for Class G statewide firearms licenses.



As a SCUBA diver himself, Dr. Friend understands the undersea environment and will provide expert medical advice concerning dive safety. Bring in the medical clearance form given to you by your instructor/employer or download and fill out the PADI or NAUI forms, as needed. You may also complete the form in our office—just make sure to come in 20 minutes prior to your appointment time to do so.

For commercial divers, please download the ADCI form and fill out the front and back of page one. Book back to back appointment times and expect to be in the clinic for an hour as you will need vision testing, spirometry and an EKG in addition to your physical. You will be referred to Quest for your labs (if over age 35) and Tower radiology for a chest x-ray.

PADI form
NAUI form
ADCI form

Independent Medical Exam

Independent medical examinations (IME) are conducted for legal or administrative reasons to assist with disability / impairment determinations and include a thorough medical records review. If you are in need of an IME, your attorney / agency / representative should contact our office for scheduling and cost information.


Pre-Employment / Pre-Placement

Trinity Men’s Health & Occupational Medicine can accommodate just about any required pre-employment medical exam. If your new employer has given you a specific form(s), it would be very helpful if you could scan and email it to us ahead of time. At a minimum, we will need a job description or list of required employment tasks from your employer that we are to medically evaluate your ability to perform.


Travel Medicine

Traveling overseas? At Trinity Men’s Health & Occupational Medicine, we can advise you on the medical risks of travel to foreign countries and provide you with prescriptions for required or recommended immunizations, anti-malarial drugs, altitude or motion sickness medications and traveler’s diarrhea treatment /prophylaxis. Please obtain and bring with you a detailed itinerary of your future trip and your latest vaccination record.


OSHA Compliance Exams

There are many versions of Appendix C, 29 CFR 1910.134, which is the mandatory OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire. Please coordinate with your employer to obtain the appropriate clearance form and bring it with you to your exam with the appropriate medical history filled out prior to your appointment. We are also capable of conducting HAZWOPER and any other OSHA required medical surveillance examinations.


Sports Participation

If you’re a Florida high school athlete, download the sports physical form or bring one given to you by your coach or school with the medical history already filled out. Sports physicals for high school students are reduced to just $49. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Florida sport participation form

Merchant Marine

For merchant marine physicals, please download form CG 719K, thoroughly review, and fill out all areas to be completed by applicant, or bring the form given to you by your hiring agency/employer. You may also complete the form in our office—just make sure to come in 20 minutes prior to your appointment time to do so.

CG 719K

Immigration Medical Exams

Please download USCIS Form I-693 and fill in the appropriate sections. You may also fill out the form in our office--just arrive 15 minutes early to do so. Bring a form of government issued identification, such as a passport or driver's license as well as any vaccine or immunization records you may have. If the vaccine records are in a language other than English or Spanish, there must also be an English translation. If the patient is under the age of 18, please call our office first for additional instructions.
Se habla Espanol.

USCIS Form I-693
USCIS Form I-693 Instructions

FAA Physical

FAA flight physicals for all classes, including ATC and FAA Employee Examiner exams, are available. Log in to the FAA MedXPress website below to initiate the process. Make sure to print out or carefully record your MedXPress number and bring it with you on the day of the exam.